The website (hereafter, the “Website”) is property of TRANSFORMACIONES TECNICAS DEL SUR, S.L. (hereafter, the “COMPANY”), with a registered address at: C/ Fresadores nº 13, P.I. La Torrecilla – 14013 Córdoba and Spanish Tax Code B14967616. Entered in the Companies Registry of Córdoba, Volume 2334, Folio 181, Sheet CO-33180 and 1st Entry.

The COMPANY welcomes you and invites you to carefully read the General Conditions for Use of this Website (hereafter, the “General Conditions for Use”) that describe the terms and conditions which shall be applicable to your navigation, in accordance with that established in the Spanish regulations to be applied. Given that the COMPANY might modify these Conditions for Use in the future, we recommend you to regularly visit them to be duly informed of the changes made.

For the purpose of using the Website, it is adapted to criteria of transparency, clarity and simplicity, the COMPANY informs the User that any suggestion, doubt or query regarding the General Conditions for Use shall be received and resolved by contacting the COMPANY at this e-mail address:

1. Purpose

The COMPANY supplies the content and the services that are available on the Website, subject to these General Conditions for Use as well as the policy regarding the processing of personal data (hereafter, the “Data Protection Policy”). Access to this Website or its use in any way grants the mark of “User” and involves the unreserved acceptance of each and every one of these General Conditions for Use, with the COMPANY reserving the right to modify them at any moment. As a result, it shall be the responsibility of each User to carefully read the General Conditions for Use on each one of the occasions in which the Website is accessed. As such, if you are not in agreement with any of these stated, you may abstain from using this Website.

Additionally, you are informed that, occasionally, specific conditions may be established for the use in the Website of specific content and/or services, the use of this content or services shall involve the acceptance of specific conditions specified within.

2. Services

Using the Website, the COMPANY offers the Users the possibility of accessing: Information regarding the company, its contact details, its products and services, its fees, its commercial offers, its location – A contact section to perform consultations enabling data of a personal nature – Links to access social networks (hereafter, the “Services”).

3. Privacy and Data Processing

When access to specific content or services requires to supply personal data, the Users shall guarantee its truthfulness, accuracy, authenticity and validity. The COMPANY shall give this data the corresponding digital processing in relation to its nature or purpose, in the terms indicated in the Data Protection Policy section [LINK].

4. Industrial and Intellectual Property

The User recognises and accepts that all the content shown on the Website and, in particular, designs, texts, images, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, brands or any other signs suitable for industrial and/or commercial use are subject to Intellectual Property rights and all the brands, commercial names or distinctive signs, all the industrial and intellectual property rights, regarding the content and/or any other elements inserted in this page are the exclusive property of the COMPANY and/or third parties, who have the exclusive right to use them for economic purposes. Therefore, the User undertakes not to reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or otherwise publicly notify, transform or modify this content holding the COMPANY harmless of any complaint that is derived from the failure to fulfil these obligations. In no case shall access to the Website involve any kind of full or partial waiving, transfer, licencing or assignment, of these rights, unless it is expressly established otherwise. These General Conditions for Use of the Website do not grant the Users any other right to use, change, operate, reproduce, distribute or public notification of the Website and/or its Content other than those expressly stated herein. Any other use or operation of any rights shall be subject to the prior and express authorisation explicitly given to that effect by the COMPANY or the third-party holder of the rights affected.

The content, text, photographs, designs, logos, images, computer programmes, source codes and, in general, any intellectual creation existing in this site, as well as the site as a whole, as a multi-media artistic work, are protected by copyright by the legislation regarding intellectual property. The COMPANY is the holder of the elements that form the graphic design of the Website, the menus, the navigation buttons, the HTML code, the text, images, textures, graphics and any other content of the Website or, in any case it avails of the corresponding authorisation for the use of these elements. The content available in the Website may not be reproduced wholly or partially, nor transferred, nor registered by any system of information recovery, in any form or any means, at long as it has the prior authorisation, in writing, of the aforementioned Entity.

Additionally, it is forbidden to erase, elude and/or manipulate the «copyright» as well as the technical devices for protection, or any information mechanisms that content may have. The User of this Website commits to respect the rights listed and to avoid any action that may prejudice them, with the COMPANY reserving, in any case, the exercise of any legal means or actions that correspond in defence of their legitimate rights of intellectual and industrial property.

5. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Website User

The User commits to:
Making the proper and legal use of the Website as well as the content and services, in accordance with: (i) the legislation applicable at every moment; (ii) the General Conditions of Website Use; (iii) the moral and generally-accepted good customs and (iv) public order.

Provide themselves with all the technical means and requirements that are needed to access the Website.

Provide truthful information when completing the forms contained in the Website with your personal details and keeping them updated at all times in a way that responds, at all times, to the User’s real situation. The User shall be the sole responsible party for false or incorrect statements that they make and for the damage caused to the COMPANY or third-parties by the information they provide.

Notwithstanding that established in the previous section, the User should also abstain from:
a) Making unauthorised or fraudulent use of the Website and/or the content for illegal aims or purposes, forbidden in these General Conditions for Use, prejudicial of the rights and interests of third parties, or that may damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or impede in any way the normal use of services or documents, files and any kind of content stored in any digital equipment.
b) Accessing or trying to access the restricted resources or areas of the Website, without fulfilling the conditions demanded for this access.
c) Causing damage in the physical or logical systems of the Website, its providers or third parties.
d) Introducing or disseminating in the network a virus or any other physical or logical systems that are susceptible to causing damages in the physical or logical systems of the COMPANY, its providers or third parties.
e) Trying to access, use and/or handle the details of the COMPANY, third party providers and other Users.
f) Reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing access to the public by any means of public communication, transforming or modifying the content, unless they have the authorisation of the holder of the corresponding rights or that shall be legally-allowed.
g) Erasing, hiding or manipulate the notes on intellectual or industrial property rights and other identifying details of the rights of the COMPANY or third parties included in the content, as well as the technical devices for protection or any information mechanisms that may be inserted in the content.
h) Obtaining and trying to obtain the content by using means or procedures other than those which, according to the cases, have been made available for this purpose or they have been expressly indicated in the webpages where the content is found or, in general, those regularly used on the Internet by not entailing a risk of damage or uselessness of the website and/or the content.
i) In particular, and including but not limited to, the User commits to not transfer, disclose or make available to third parties any information, details, content, messages, graphs, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any type of material that:
(i) In the case of it being the opposite, undervalues or violates the fundamental rights and public freedoms recognised in the constitution, International Treaties and in the remaining legislation in force.
(ii) Inducing, inciting or promoting criminal, denigrating, defamatory, violent actions or that are, in general, against the law, morals, or the generally-accepted good customs or public order.
(iii) Inducing, inciting or promoting discriminatory actions, attitudes or thoughts due to sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition.
(iv) Including, making available or allowing access to products, elements, messages and/or services that are criminal, violent, offensive, noxious, degrading or, in general, against the law, morals and generally-accepted good customs or public order.
(v) Inducing or may induce an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear.
(vi) Inducing or inciting to involve in practices that are dangerous, risky or noxious for health and mental stability.
(vii) You are protected by legislation in terms of intellectual or industrial protection belonging to the COMPANY or the third parties without the intended use to be performed being authorised .
(viii) Going against the honour, personal and family privacy or the own image of the people.
(ix) Including any type of advertising.
(x) Including any type of virus or programme which may impede the normal function of the Website.
If for accessing the services and content of the Website, you are provided with a password, you are obligated to use it diligently, keeping it secret at all times. As a result, you shall be responsible for its proper guardianship and confidentiality, committing to not providing it to third parties, temporarily or permanently, nor allowing access to the services mentioned and/or content for third parties. Similarly, you are obligated to notify the COMPANY of any fact that may require the undue use of your password, such as, but not limited to, its robbery, loss or unauthorised access, with the aim of causing its immediate cancellation. As a result, while the previous notification is not performed, the COMPANY shall be exempt from any responsibility that may derive from the incorrect use of your password, with you being responsible for any illicit use of the content and/or services of the Website by any illegitimate third party.

If any of the obligations established in these General Conditions of Use are breeched in a negligent or fraudulent manner, you shall be responsible for all the damage and loss this breech may cause the COMPANY.

6. Responsibilities

The COMPANY does not guarantee continued access, nor the correct viewing, downloading or use of the elements and information contained in the Website, that may be impeded, made difficult or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond its control.
The COMPANY is not responsible for the decisions that may be taken as a result of the access to the content or information offered.
The COMPANY may interrupt the service or immediately terminate the relationship with the User if it detects that the use of the Website or any of the services offered in it go against these General Conditions of Use. The COMPANY is not responsible for damages, harm, losses, complaints or expenses derived from the use of the Website. It shall only be responsible for removing, as soon as possible, the content that may generate such damages, as long as it is informed of it. Specifically, it shall not be responsible for damages that may be derived, among others, from:
(i) interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, telephone faults, delays, blockages or disconnections in the function of the electronic system, motivated by deficiencies, overloads and errors in the telecommunication lines and networks, or by any other cause beyond the control of the COMPANY.
(ii) illegitimate intromissions by means of the use of malignant programmes of any kind and through any kind of media, such as digital viruses or any others.
(iii) undue or inappropriate abuse of the Website.
(iv) safety or surfing errors caused by the malfunction of the browser or by the use of non-updated versions. The directors of the COMPANY reserve the right to remove, wholly or partially, any content or information held in the Website.

The COMPANY excludes any responsibility for the damages of any nature that may be due to the misuse of the free disposition and use services by the Website Users. Additionally, the COMPANY is exonerated of any responsibility for the content and information that may be received as a result of the data collection forms, being the same only for the provision of consultation and doubts services. On the other side, in the case of causing damages due to the illegal or incorrect use of these services, the User may receive a complaint from the COMPANY for the losses and harm caused.

You shall defend, compensate and hold the COMPANY free from any damages that may be derived from complaints, actions or lawsuits from third parties as a result of the access or use of the Website. Additionally, you are obligated to compensate the COMPANY against any damages that arise from your use of “robots”, “spiders”, “crawlers” or similar tools used with the aim of collecting or extracting data or any other activity for their part which imposes an unreasonable load on the functioning of the Website.

7. Hyperlinks

The User is required not to reproduce, in any way, not even by a hyperlink, the Website of the COMPANY, nor its content, unless it has the express and written authorisation of the COMPANY.

The Website of the COMPANY includes links to other websites managed by third parties, with the aim of enabling the User to access the information of collaborating and/or sponsoring companies. In accordance with this, the COMPANY is not responsible for the content of these websites, neither is it in a position of guarantor nor of the party offering the services and/or information that may be offered to third parties by means of third party links.

The User is provided with a limited, revocable and non-exclusive right, to create links to the main page of the Website exclusively for private and non-commercial use. The websites which include a link to our Website (i) may not insinuate that the COMPANY recommends this website or its product or services; (ii) they may not falsify their relationship with the COMPANY nor state that the COMPANY has authorised this link, or include brands, names, trading names, logos or other distinctive signs of the COMPANY; (iii) they may not include content that may be considered to be in bad taste, obscene, offensive, controversial, which incites violence or discrimination due to sex, race or religion, contrary to public order or illegal; (iv) they may not link to any page of the Website other than the main page; (v) it should link to the address of the Website itself, without allowing the website making the link to reproduce the Website as part of its own web or within one of its “frames” or create a “browser” on any of the Website’s pages. The COMPANY may request, at any moment, that any link to the Website shall be removed, after which it should proceed immediately to its removal. The COMPANY cannot control the information, content, products or services provided by other websites that have established links to the Website.

As a result, the COMPANY does not take any responsibility for any aspect related to these websites.

8. Data Protection

To use some of the Services, the Users should provide certain personal data beforehand. To do so, the COMPANY shall digitally process the Personal Data in compliance with Law 15/1999 of the 13th of December for Personal Data Protection and developmental Royal Decree 1720/2007. To do so, the User may access the policy followed in the processing of personal data as well as the establishment of the previously-established aims, according to that provided in the conditions defined in the Data Protection Policy [LINK] that the Website presents.

9. Cookies

The COMPANY reserves the right to use “cookie” technology in the Website, for the purpose of recognising frequent Users and personalising their use of the Website through pre-selecting a language, or the most desired or specific content. The “cookies” used by the Website, or the third party that acts in their name, are solely associated with the anonymous user and their computer and they do not provide by themselves the user’s personal data.

The cookies are files sent to a browser through a Web server to register the User’s browsing in the Website, when the User allows its receipt. At the same time, they may remove “cookies”, for which they should consult their browser’s instructions of use.

Thanks to cookies, it is possible for the COMPANY to recognise the computer browser used by the User with the aim of providing content and offering the browsing or advertising preferences that the User, the demographic profiles of the User as well as measuring the visits and parameters of traffic, controlling progress and the number of entries.

10. Term and termination

The provision of the service of this Website and the other services have, initially, an indefinite term. However, the COMPANY may consider it terminated or suspend any of the website services. As long as is possible, the COMPANY shall notify the termination or suspension of the provision of the specific service.

11. Statements and Guarantees

In general, the content and services offered in the Website have a merely informative nature. As a result, when offering them, the COMPANY does not grant any guarantee or statement in relation to the content and services offered in the Website, including, but not limited to, guarantees of legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, accuracy or commercial viability, except in terms on which such statements and guarantees shall not be legally excluded.

12. Force majeure

The COMPANY shall not be responsible in the case of inability to provide a service, if this is due to prolonged interruptions of the electricity supply, telecommunication lines, social conflicts, strikes, rebellion, explosions, flooding, acts and omissions of the Government and, in general, all the matters of force majeure or acts of God.

13. Resolving problems

The applicable law and jurisdiction. These General Conditions of Use, as well as the use of the Website, shall be governed by Spanish legislation. Any problem shall be resolved before the courts of Córdoba.
In the case that any stipulation of these General Conditions of Use become unenforceable or null by virtue of the applicable legislation or as a result of a legal or administrative resolution, this unenforceability or nullity shall not mean that these General Conditions of Use are unreasonable or null as a whole. In these cases, the COMPANY shall proceed to the modification or substitution of this stipulation for another that shall be valid and enforceable and that, as much as possible, achieves the aim and intention reflected in the original stipulation.

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