Cooling lining for vans

At Igluvan we are one of the best companies for converting cooling vans. Our backing comes from more than 600 vehicle transformations every year and, most of all, our customers. We transform your commercial vehicle, giving it a cooling lining that allow you to transport goods and products that need a specific temperature according to the legislation in force.

We achieve this by installing cooling equipment for vans, which are those which achieve the desired temperature. We ourselves perform the entire installation and afterwards we submit all the necessary processing, satisfactorily passed (ATP certificate, ITV, etc.)

The cooling lining for vans allows to preserve the internal temperature between +10 and -10 °C, depending on the characteristics, need and specific characteristics of each one of the products transported, when the external temperature is 20 °C.

Manufacturing and assembly of cooling equipment for industrial vans

As happens in the isothermal lining, some of our customers do not like this type of vehicle because of the side door that they have. This shall not be a problem again, as our professionals may permanently close them or give them some other use.

We are always available for the unique needs of every customer, adapting to their needs to satisfy them as best we can. Additionally, we rely on a wide range of extras that we can install in your vehicle, such as:

  • Shelves, to keep all the products in the same place.
  • Cooling separators, to organise products appropriately and keep them at different temperatures, depending on the conditions of each one.
  • A safety deposit box
  • We can even install cooling equipment for the transport of frozen products that need to maintain their freshness and quality.
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