Isothermal lining for vans

Do you need to preserve a stable temperature to transport your products?

At Igluvan, we work side-by-side with all the vehicle manufacturers to perform a complete isothermal lining for vans. We have individualised standardisation agreements with the majority of them. We are also manufacturers. Thanks to them, the isothermal installation price is unrivalled.

The isothermal lining is the most classic of all and the fastest one to get ready if what you need is a quick transformation with excellent results. Once the transformation has been performed, the vehicle shall be delivered with an ATP certification that it has satisfactorily passed.

Specialists in isothermal insulation for vans

Many customers are reluctant to use this type of vehicle due to the side door that they have, but this is not a problem for us, as we may close it permanently, transform it into a door or give it some other use, depending on the individual needs of the customer.

Our specialists are performing the transformations of commercial vehicles in all the parts that are going to become a loading area: walls, floor, front, roof and doors. It cases the isothermal lining in polyesters sheets, reinforced fibre and internal insulation, maintaining, therefore, the loading area insulated so that it can transport the merchandise or products that it wishes to and that these don’t lose their quality. Additionally, if you need to transport meat or derivatives, we may add extra equipment such as a specialised rail for preserving and carrying meat.

Also, for greater visibility, we add additional LED points to those already attached as an obligatory complement. These are just some of the features from the many that we have on offer.

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