Modification of ATP Regulations

Modification of Royal Decree 237/2000 of the 18th of February which establishes the technical specifications that the special vehicles should fulfil for the ATP Agreement for the transport by land of food products at a regulated temperature and the procedures for the control according to the specifications, which comes into force on the 2nd of January 2020.

In accordance with section 5, of annex 1, appendix 2 of the ATP Agreement regarding: «Control of the Isothermal of the units in service», it has undergone the following modification:

The units with IR category or that require this condition for its class, that is to say, FRA, FRB, FRC and RRC (which are the most frequent), should be submitted to trial in a cold tunnel when they are 15 years from the date of manufacture for the renewal of the ATP or TMP certificate. The new certificate shall be valid for 6 years.

Notwithstanding, for the renewal of the certificates with the classifications IR, FRA, FRB, FRC and RRC that are more than 12 years old, it should be considered that the valid date must be at most 15 years from the manufacturing date.

For those units with the aforementioned classifications with more than 15 years on the date of coming into force of this Order and less than 21 years, they should be subjected to a cold tunnel trial. The resulting certificate shall be valid for 6 years, although according to the experience obtained in these years, the regular thing is that the K co-efficient decreases and they lower it to a category passing into IN not being ready for the transport of frozen food.

This Order, pending hearing in the Ministry, came into force on the 2nd of January 2020.

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