Reparación carrocería

Repairing refrigerated bodies

Igluvan is a company that repairs polyester bodies of all kinds, no matter how complex they may appear, we always find a solution. The proper maintenance of isothermal is essential to perform the transport of goods to the destination and guaranteeing the maintenance of the cold chain and, thus, the quality of the load.

Company for fixing polyester isothermal bodies

We also take care of the possible damage caused in isothermal bodies. We also perform the full installation and repair of raised platforms or any possible extra that may provide your vehicle, such as a safety deposit box, lamps, shelves, etc.

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Repairs and maintenance of cooling equipment in vehicles

At Igluvan, we offer a maintenance and repair service in the cooling equipment of your vehicle. This is essential for prolonging its useful life, performing the timely changes and settings for the proper functioning. Thanks to it, it shall have a far longer useful life.

We are the official technical service for Zanotti, Carrier, Eurofrigo, Webasto and Hwasung Thermo. Additionally, we distribute and brand equipment (Zanotti, Carrier, Thermo King, Eurofrigo, Webasto and Hwasung Thermo).

Our wide experience in the sector offers a whole service, both in manufacturing and repair of isothermals, enabling our customer all the assessment, processing and repair of any type of damage in their refrigeration bodies. In the case that the repair is not economically interesting, our isothermal installation price is unbeatable.

We rely on a relationship in accordance with equipment manufacturers to offer a post-sales quality service.

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