Adaptation of vehicles for transporting dogs and other animals

Do you need to adapt your vehicle to transport your pets?

According to the DGT regulations in force, transporting loose animals in the vehicle is punished as a serious infraction, as such, it comes with a complaint. At Igluvan, we are specialists in the fully standardised adaptation of vans for animal transport. Thus, you may transport them without worrying about possible fines or infractions.

Adaptación de furgonetas y otros vehículos industriales para el transporte de perros

Adaptation of vans and other industrial vehicles for the transport of dogs

The adaptation of vehicles for dog transport is made by manufacturing and installing cages inside. The cages may be made in aluminium or steel, which are highly-resistant materials and we may install them in any type of vehicle, leaving aside the conventional leashes that may hurt the animal, as well as allowing it to move freely. Additionally, the transport may be prepared to transfer different animals, creating independent areas without any problem.

Another element of vital importance that we attach to the vehicle are the electric ventilators as it is crucial that the animals receive good ventilation on the inside. Finally, we install skylights in the roof of the models that allow them as an extra, for a more appropriate ventilation.

As optional features, we install a water pump in the means of transport which provides all the water needed for animals, all of which to decrease your concern and keep them in perfect state during the journey. We also climatise the vehicle and add a compartment to store all that the customer needs, always adapting it to their needs.

Transformation of vehicles for transporting big game dogs

In order to comply with that stated in Royal Decree 638/2019, which regulates, among others, the transport and disinfection of adapted vehicles for the transport of dogs, it is essential to rely on a company that specialises in vehicle transformation for the transport of packs of hounds, which offers guarantees of safety, as we do at Igluvan.

In addition to complying with the regulations, we offer the possibility of inserting extras, making the transformation of vehicles for packs of hounds, completely adaptable to the needs of the customer who requests it. We adapt to the amount of animals who need transport, the amount of compartments, materials to use, such as steel or aluminium. What’s more, we offer additional equipment such as: water pumps for animal use, ventilation and climatisation.

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