Movilidad reducida

Transformation of vehicles for people with reduced mobility

At Igluvan, we are one of the companies that gets the best results when adapting vehicles for disabled people. This is possible thanks to the adaptation of vehicles for transport for disabled people always being aimed at the intrinsic needs of each one of our customers. Whether it is for personal or professional use, the transformation of vehicles for the disabled is done using the placement of a platform lift. This may be handled by a hydraulic or manual retention system, according to the demands of our customer. Similarly, we place an access ramp which enables wheelchair access to the interior of the vehicle. The transformation shall be made by basing it on the initial structure of the vehicle.

A fundamental piece is the placement of the safety retention systems, all the occupants of an automobile are required to be correctly fastened whether they are in a wheelchair or not. The most appropriate for these cases is the belt type, which are similar to those that are normally found in the vehicles. However, in some cases they need to share an anchor with the wheelchair retention system which are also seatbelts.


Expert business in the adaptation of vehicles for the disabled and people with reduced mobility

Help to cover all the needs of our customers, in the best way possible, is our main goal. All the equipment is fully adaptable to the personal requirements of each one of them.

Our recommendations are the satisfied customers. For this type of vehicle transformation, experience is a determining factor because, as it affects people, error is not an option. Because of this, we carefully perform the installation of the PMR helping system so that it does not fail.

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