Adaptation of vans for dangerous goods

The dangerous goods, as the name indicates, may cause a risk for the environment, since they may contain objects such as explosives, gasses, flammable substances or corrosive materials. They may also be a risk for people due to causing irreversible health damage. The transport of this type of goods should fulfil a complex of conditions to erase or diminish possible risks.

In a sector as heavily-regulated as that of transporting goods, especially in the case of dangerous goods, it is essential that the customer trusts our professionals. At Igluvan, we are in continuous training, to be up-to-date on the legislation in force, as well as the continuing change of needs in this sector.

Therefore, we intend to cover the current demands of each one of the customers in an optimal way, adapting every vehicle to the goods that are going to be carried, performing the adaptation of vans for dangerous goods, developing the internal conditioning with thermal lining and areas to avoid the escape of gasses, smells, sounds, etc. We perform all of this in order to transport good safely while following the current regulations. We process the ADR certificate and basic standardisation of vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods of all types.

Transformation of vehicles to adapt them for the transport of dangerous goods

We perform vehicle transformation and we place the body to adjust it to the demand and request of each one of our customers. We offer a unique and specialised treatment to erase or diminish what the base vehicle lacks: water tanks, tippers, delivery trucks, etc.

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