This type of lining is specifically designed so that the temperature can be controlled and, additionally, one of the very significant spatial specifications is required, as the box allows it, unlike the van being appropriate in the ways that one wants to.

They may be used in combination with eutectic plates for refrigerated products and with cooling equipment for fresh products as well as frozen ones.

Equipamiento de Serie
  • Back frame in polished stainless steel type “U”.
  • Rear doors with polyurethane insulation and 40 kg/m3 density.
  • 4 stainless steel hinges.
  • 2 stainless steel espagnolettes 25 mm tube.
  • 2 stainless steel “T” type retainers.
  • Black EPDM rubber.
  • Aluminum plinth, height 120 or 260 mm.
  • Polyester skirting.
  • Rice grain finished floor.
  • Drains with valve.
  • Assembly with pultrusion structural corner pieces.
  • Upper corners with recessed LED pilot lights and smooth lower ones.
  • LED exterior clearance lights.
  • Lower ceiling recessed LED ceiling lights.
  • 3rd brake light.
  • Reinforced roof and front for mounting cold equipment.
Equipamiento Opcional
  • Side door.
  • Drain with valve.
  • Cargo securing line (tie band).
  • Extra Led ceiling light.
  • Stainless steel projection on the back for lifting platform.
  • Security locks.
  • Aluminum floor.
  • Rails for hanging meat.
  • Retractable ladder.
  • Channeling for second evaporator.
  • Foil curtains.
  • Lifting platform.
  • Cold equipment.
  • Side pilots.
  • Fixed, mobile or mat-type divisions.
  • Toolboxes.
  • Fire extinguisher box.
  • Water bottle.
  • Back stairs.
  • Folding footboard.
  • Arm retainers in stainless steel.
  • Side protections for cyclists.
  • Skirt and fins.
  • Spoiler alert.
  • Bumper studs.
  • reflective tapes
  • handles
  • Thermograph.
  • Parking sensors.
  • Fixed shelves, folding, etc…
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