IGLUVAN makes four new units with Zanotti cooling equipment destined for the transport of pharmaceutical material

IGLUVAN makes four new units with Zanotti cooling equipment destined for the transport of pharmaceutical material

2 Feb 2021 - Publicado en News, Transformations, Vehicles

Igluvan, a leading Cordoban business in the manufacture of lining and bodies for transport vehicles, has taken part in the fight against the crisis caused by this pandemic that Spain, particularly, and the world in general, finds themselves in.

The business, led by María del Carmen González, has worked side-by-side with the main entities of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, supplying transport units with the best characteristics and qualities.

High-quality lining

Pharmaceutical transport is the most important part in a logistics chain because the final recipient for the products that are being transported is the human being. As such, there needs to be an exhaustive control of the entire distribution chain in order to guarantee that the medicine reaches the consumer in perfect condition.

It is because of this that the body of these vehicles contains lining for its entire load zone with first-class materials, in addition to interior LED lighting with finishes customised to the demands of our customers and meeting the standards required by the European Union to manufacturers and transport companies or logistics providers, known as Good Distribution Practices, GDP.

Zanotti Cooling Equipment

All of this, together with the excellence of the Zanotti Italian equipment for transport refrigeration at a controlled temperature, commercialised and distributed in Spain by Zanotti Appliance, a member of the Daikin group.

For this specific occasion which requires temperatures far below zero degrees, the Zanotti Z380 Road model has been installed for the transport of pharmaceutical material.

Igluvan is once again collaborating and helping society in the best way that it can and being at the forefront of the transport sector, further strengthening the brand of Andalusia and, specifically, Córdoba, which have been economically damaged in recent years.

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