IGLUVAN invests in R+D for its facilities

IGLUVAN invests in R+D for its facilities

10 Oct 2021 - Publicado en News

At IGLUVAN, we have undertaken, in recent months, a technological revolution in terms of machinery that intends to face the new needs of the market.

For us, the pandemic that occurred and the recession in the transport sector have been treated as an opportunity to invest in technology and, accordingly, leap forward in terms of quality with quite an important product, which has already begun to bear fruits in different aspects:

  • Mechanisation of the body process.
  • Automated panel manufacturing.
  • Easier panel assembly method.
  • Expansion of the product range as requested by the customer.

All of this offers a greater guarantee of quality, with personalised units and a technological operation that makes the IGLUVAN product more competitive and attractive, placing the Andalusian company at the forefront of second-phase bodies.

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