Our main aim and focus of work is based on the fulfilment of quality standards and the full satisfaction of our customers. In order to exceed the expectations of a technical and competitive sector such as our own, you must have a full specialisation of the different agents taking part: raw materials, safety measures, maintenance, assessment and customer care.

For Transformaciones Técnicas del Sur, the customer is always first, providing a solution made to fit. For example, for the transport of goods, among other things, equipment is required for packing, protection and specific covering, looking out for the perfect state of the product to transport. Among the different types of boxes that we offer, those destined for packaging are found, focused on the protection and separation of products in boxes (especially cardboard).

We use the first qualities for the protection of their products to transport, meaning that their status may not be changed by outside agents. Let it be assessed by our team of specialists and have the solutions that are most appropriate for their needs.

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