Commercial vehicles on show at Madrid Auto Profesional

Commercial vehicles on show at Madrid Auto Profesional

29 Nov 2018 - Publicado en Transformations, Vehicles

Self-employed ON TOUR!

In addition to the vehicle exposition, FETRANSA shall take part in a day dedicated to the vehicle as an essential tool for self-employed work.

From the 22nd to the 26th of May, in pavilion 6 of the Madrid Fair, the Madrid Auto Profesional will be held, the new fair organised by IFEMA, dedicated to industrial vehicles, fleets, renting, leasing and the services and solutions associated with this segment of the motor world.

This new Salon focuses on its commercial nature and it is aimed at the world of the self-employed, SMEs and big companies, as well as private individuals interested in the option of renting, it shall be held alongside the Madrid Automobile Room, Madrid Auto, featuring as a whole a dual stage that enables knowing the best offer of vehicles gathered in our country, as well as the best alternatives and solutions for the different profiles of visitors to both fairs.

Among the brands and networks of car dealerships that are taking part in this first edition are Ford, Fiat, Maxus, Citroen, Nissan, Renault Dealership Network – Dacia for Industrial Vehicles in the Madrid Region, Opel Dealerships Network of Industrial Vehicles in the Madrid Region, as well as the dealerships of other brands that attend the fair organised by AMDA (Madrid Association of Automobile Distributors).

Roundtable discussion

The activities of Madrid Auto Profesional shall start on the 22nd of May at 1 p.m. with the roundtable discussion, “Vehicles as an essential tool for self-employed work”, which is organised by ATA (The National Federation of Self-Employed Workers’ Associations), and FETRANSA (The Spanish Federation for Discretional Transport of Merchandise) in the same pavilion 6 which Madrid Auto Profesional occupies. Taking part are Lorenzo Amor Acedo, president of ATA; Víctor González, president of Fetransa, and Luis Parra Soulouzán, member of the Permanent Committee of the General Council of Commercial Agents in Spain, president of the Regional Council of Commercial Agents of Castile and Leon and president of the Official Commercial Agents Association of Valladolid, Palencia and Zamora.

The Roundtable shall address, among other topics, the Novelties of the recent Law on Urgent Measures for Self-Employed Work. Accidents on the way to and from work; the new measures that are being debated with parliamentary groups to improve diverse aspects of taxation, contributions and protection for the self-employed; the problems of self-employed transport workers such as taxation by modules; the importance of the vehicles as work tools for the self-employed. Their financing. The assistance in travelling, insurances, as well as the importance of renting for commercial agents.

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